Save big time at the stores – learn about couponing and more

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Warming up:
You want to shop for all your necessaries every week and you are wondering simultaneously how you can save money. You are even wondering if there is any scope at all for saving money while you shop. My friend, you are fortunately at the right place to learn a few tricks to save substantially even while you pick off the shelves anything that you will need to run your household successfully.
Every week shopping at the supermarket may make your wallet look like It’s on a crash diet. Not anymore!
Below are some hacks that you should know before you start planning your next shopping trip.

  1. Cutting and redeeming your coupons:

Have you been seeing the red and black labels everywhere ever so often in magazines, newspapers and hand bills? The labels may also pop up while browsing the internet. They will proclaim a few bucks off from a supermarket brand or a flat percentage off from your next purchase.
Ideally, a lot of people ignore these messages and go about their chores. But within these coupons is hidden the secret of saving money while shopping. Avid coupon collectors collect coupons from all the various sources and save them before they set out to buy their groceries and other household necessaries. While shopping, the shopper needs to particularly look out for any additional offers that he or she can use simultaneously along with the coupons that are already available and get a steal on the products.
Tina Alerida, 32, is an extreme couponer who collects hundreds of coupons everyday when browsing various sources. She looks out for shopping places that are on sale and also additional promotions and discounts that are running parallel on her favorite brands. She claims to save at least a few hundred bucks on every shopping trip that she takes. Tina puts her savings into a purse which she unstrings every six months or so to buy herself a vacation or a luxury experience that she has been waiting long for. She thinks that she absolutely deserves the reward. 

  1. Writing feedbacks and lodging complaints to the companies:

Let’s say that a bottle of your favorite ketchup does not taste the same as always. There is something wrong with its taste even though you cannot make out anything from its usual appearance and the shopping is well within the expiry period. What do you do now?
As a prudent consumer, you should write to the consumer forum letting them know your concern and also make sure that you preserve the product because the company will ask to check the product for spoilage. Procedures apart, the company will be ready for replacing the faulty product and additionally compensate you for the trouble by refunding you or giving you shopping hampers entitling you to free products in the future or a part of the price off the shelf price.

  1. Reviewing the products:

If there is something that you really liked about any of the products that you use, you can write a love letter to those companies who are sure to reward you with saving coupons and hampers for their products. Companies love to hear from their consumers and this is one sure shot way to save money while you still buy your premium brand albeit guilt less.

  1. Sign up for store loyalty cards

Stores have loyalty cards where the consumer can sign up. The cards will ensure that any sale and promotion offers will be intimated directly to your mailbox or as a message on your phone. Timing your shopping at such times can ensure substantial savings. Additionally, the shopping amount can also add bonus points on to the card which can be redeemed to buy yourself something from the store itself. Get more info about Business visit

  1. Rain check vouchers:

A lady recently checks into one of the big supermarkets in her area and looks around for a hypoallergenic adult diaper that she wants to buy for her invalid relative. After scourging the shop floor she is out of luck and so she approaches the store manager who affirms that they are out of stock of that product.
The lady cannot do much in such situation, can she? Well yes because she can ask the person at the cash check out to issue her a rain check voucher which is a coupon to make over for the product that is not in stock. Much of this is the discretion of the store manager and the cashier but mostly they oblige if the request is genuine.

  1.  Do good research before you head out:

A lot of super market chains hold what is known as the ‘lowest price challenge’ or the ‘price match offer’. In this they offer the cash return of any excess cash that the competitor’s prices offer. The shopper needs to thus keep track of the prices of the stuff at other places. And at the checkout, he may need to tell the cashier to give a rebate of the difference amount.  Some more savings there!

  1. Head out only on sale:

World over there is a general trend that prices recede on a Wednesday. The supermarkets also choose this day as it is midweek and it is good to change deals and strategies to help in plummeting sales. Additionally, it is good to keep your eyes and ears open for a possible sale on your brand.
The ability to predict an impending end of season sale is a desirable quality if you want to save money. Using offers like coupons, cash back and loyalty points in conjecture with the coupons will definitely increase the weight of your wallet!

  1. Claim your double the price benefit:
In case you feel that the supermarket has overcharged you for a product or has charged you the full price of a product that is on sale, after billing you can claim you double the price benefit which entitles you to not just refund of the excess price but the double of the excess price. This is a policy at most stores as a commitment to their customers. But make sure that there is policy that entitles you to such double difference.